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You’ve Got the Power to Partner With Change, No Matter How Scary the Ride

Dr. Sarah Stebbins worked as a Change Management Consultant for more than 25 years. And then? 2020! She found the answers to navigating multiple, challenging changes not in the classroom or with clients, but from her rafting experience in the raging rapids of the Colorado River.

Cataclysmic changes rock our culture — and we reel with the effects of the pandemic, the politics, and the protests. What can we do? Resilience Wisdom Coach Dr. Sarah Stebbins says we have a choice.

Instead of fighting change, or looking outside ourselves for help, Dr. Stebbins says we will find that the answers lie within. She says we build our resilience like we would build a muscle. And every time we experience a change, we learn how to get through that particular change, and that memory stays with us. Dr. Stebbins says. “Over time, with practice, we accrue what I call resilience wisdom, and it's that wisdom that we tap into as life throws new challenges our way.”

Stebbins says she discovered the six elements of change — candor, heroism, acceptance, nurturing, gratitude, and engagement — during her wild rafting ride on the Colorado River. She refers to her inspiration for her book “From Fire to Water: Moving Through Change: Six Elements for Personal Resiliency.”

“I quickly discovered that navigating a change is not unlike navigating the Colorado River. The river can be unpredictable and shocking. It can be placid one moment and, in an instant, indiscriminately blast you with its water-laden fury. And so it is with any change!”

Our challenge, Stebbins says, is to make the six resilience elements a habit at a time when the demands in our lives and the world force us to be more outwardly focused.

She says, “Some people think resiliency is like a spring — that when you stretch it and you let it go, it goes back to its original form. And that analogy works for me, up to a point because a spring does not have a memory like we do.”

However, we humans do have memories. It works like this: Our mind – or, more specifically, the amygdala – marks certain events by triggering us with its fight or flight impulse, so that, going forward, we recognize similar events, and can choose to stay safe. Each time we meet up with one of these events, we remember what we learned to get through it. That mental system builds resiliency.

Stebbins says, “It is clear to me that with the turbulent times in which we live, change, with its ability to trigger the amygdala, is no longer a silent partner in our lives. It is alive, well, and speaking loudly to us, moment to moment. Change will not go away.”

“When change generates fear in us, we are driven to look externally for answers when the assistance we need to overcome our fears resides within us ,” Stebbins says.

She found her answers within the word CHANGE:

* C is for Candor: Self-honesty is a key piece to personal resiliency.
* H is for Heroism: We can overcome our being victimized by change. Tapping our inner hero leads us to taking actions that are right and just.
* A is for Acceptance: Change is inevitable. We absolutely cannot escape it.
* N is for Nurture: Commit to taking the time to create and pursue self-nurturing activities.
* G is for Gratitude: Gratitude gifts us with a different perspective so we can explore different ways of moving forward.
* E is for Engagement: When we show up, committed with head and heart, we build resiliency.

Stebbins notes the trauma so many are experiencing, and she says developing resiliency wisdom is the answer. “This is both a mind-set and a lifelong journey. Think of resilience as a mental and emotional muscle that needs exercising.”

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